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 hey guys! this is my first ever follow forever (more likely my favourite blog list) and I've been here for at least two years. I have tried to find time doing this and I failed, but I finally have found the moment ^~^

Unlike a blog who creates stunning graphics or does a circle lens review for example, I'm just some chick on tumblr who literally blogs things from kpop to kfashion to videogames to other things. I write fanfic, but I'm not that great at writing since English isn't really my strongest suit ._. 

but anyway otl

I have followed many wonderful blogs with beautiful posts and I love all of them bUT there are those blogs that stood out to me a bit more. Everyone probably knows how I feel (about having blogs that stood out to you) but don't worry about it if I do follow you and you are not on here! I still love you~ ^^ 

From senpai, please notice me blogs to we understand each other a lot blogs, I just wanna say thank you so much for being such a 대박 blog to me and your followers! Keep doing a great job satisfying your followers with lovely posts/graphics/edits/reviews— everything! 

krisinsanity yisoa aegchu yumoirs chanyeolismyseuxalfantasy
fansoo tokimo zelow zeloj krisinmypants bobasawr emeridesu
cinnahearts xehunf hoshikari keoppu sweet-korean uusan
gongjjoo iaznsmiley rainingteardrops s-eoulwings kaneto
k3utommy jddww dyoism xxing phuonguyenx3 chnayeoldosed
littlemissinsomiac newkindofauthor kuurisumasu got7s
yougottachai mercydel pinktokki got7 jonginsdick esexoeveryday
ihaveathingforexo- all of you four admins are the best! keep up the har-dwork on running the blog!
hobakjeon- you supposedly started my kfashion blog back in  December 2012/ January 2013. Its a good thing since I enjoy asian fashion^^ keep up the good work! 
ice-fawn- thank you for being a really great friend, unnie! Let's keep being good friends~! ^^ Love you! 
last but not least: noctaes + ughansol = you guys really helped me while I was a rookie in the Tumblr world. That's why you two are so special ^^ I still hope we can be really good friends! ^^ I love you~!


TO MY FOLLOWERS: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STAYING WITH ME, even though I reblog a bit off from what I usually blog ;u; You guys are wonderful ^u^ I love you guys~ 

No words can express how I feel about you guys and I will thank you, from the bottom from my heart.

— Alyssa, the bikkurikun chick ^^ 

lu han’s birthday countdown | d-2 | predebut luhan.

lu han’s birthday countdown | d-2 | predebut luhan.

Happy Birthday Luhan !

Suho Through The Eras; Mama➝Overdose

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DIY Minimalist 2 way pouch


DIY Minimalist 2 way pouch


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